North Presbyterian Church

December 12, 2020 4:00pm Saturday Worship

Silent Prayer of Preparation: There’s a star in the East on Christmas morn; it will lead to the place where the Christ was born; rise up, shepherds, and follow. Follow, follow, rise up, shepherd, and follow. The star of Bethlehem, Rise up, shepherd. And follow. 2096


Introit: The King of glory comes, the nation rejoices. Open the gates before him, lift up your voices. Who is the King of glory; how shall we call him? He is Emmanuel, the promised of ages. 2091

Call to Worship: Lighting of the Advent Wreath – Martha Luchterhand
Hope the herald angels sang! Hope is the need in so many hearts.
Hope of the world, Mary’s child, born in a stable rough and raw.
We light our third Advent candle holding on to Godly hope.
Come Messiah, Emmanuel, Come! Let us worship God!

Song Light the advent candle, three: Think of heavenly harmony: angels singing “Peace on earth” at the blessed Savior’s birth. Candle, candle, burning bright, shining in the cold winter night; candle, candle burning bright, fill our hearts with Christmas light. 2090

Prayer of Confession: (Unison) Despair is all around us God. Sometimes we see it and other times not, forgive us. Let our lives offer hope to the hopeless. (Please pray silently) Gracious God, help us to hear the way you speak to us. Create in us clean hearts and ready spirits to follow you, in Christ we pray. Amen.

Hymn Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Born to set Thy people free; From our fears and sins release us; Let us find our rest in Thee. Israel’s strength and consolation, Hope of all the earth Thou art; Dear desire of every nation, Joy of every longing heart.
Born Thy people to deliver, Born a child and yet a King, Born to reign in us forever, Now Thy gracious kingdom bring. By Thine own eternal Spirit Rule in all our hearts alone; By Thine all sufficient merit Raise us to Thy glorious throne. b2

Assurance of Pardon
In Jesus Christ you are forgiven and set free to live for Him!
In Christ we are forgiven and set free to love and to serve God always!

Response: To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Three in One, Praise, honor, might and glory be from to age eternally. Amen b4 vs 4

Prayer for peace: Grant us peace beyond our understanding, In Christ we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Illumination: Your word is Spirit and life, O Lord, richer than gold, stronger than death, your word is Spirit and Life, O Lord, life everlasting

New Testament Lessons: Romans 8:1-8
Old Testament Lesson: Isaiah 8: 1-18

These are the Words of the Lord: Thanks be to God

Sermon “I will hope in God” Rev. Stuart Buisch

Response Light three candles to watch for Messiah: Light three candles to watch for Messiah; let the light banish darkness. Lift your heads and lift high the gateway for the King of glory. p85

Creed In life and in death we belong to God. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, we trust in the one triune God, the Holy One of Israel, who alone we worship and serve. We trust in Jesus Christ fully human, fully God; preaching good news to the poor and release to the captives, teaching by word and deed and blessing the children, healing the sick and binding up the brokenhearted, eating with outcasts, forgiving sinners, and calling all to repent and believe the gospel.


A Brief Statement of Faith

Hymn Born in the night, Mary’s Child, A long way from Your home; Coming in need, Mary’s Child, Born in a borrowed room
Clear shining light Mary’s Child, Your face lights up our way; Light of the world, Mary’s Child, Dawn on our darkened day. b 30
Joys and Concerns/Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer (pray for our church family)


Hymn One Holy night in Bethlehem the air was filled with song. Angelic voices sang on high and shepherds piped along;
Ref: Sing glory, glory, gloria! God’s love is given birth! Be not afraid! Sing, gloria, peace to all the earth!

Be still, and you will hear tonight these melodies of old. Then join your voice in harmony until the tale is told; Ref: 2097
Charge This year it is Covid 19. Other years individuals in our midst have endured great crisis. Let us stand together with God with us and with each other to bring glory to God.

Benediction May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the community of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore. Amen.
Song The children in each different place will see the baby Jesus’ face like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace, and filled with holy light. O lay aside each earthly thing, and with thy heart as an offering, come worship now the infant King, ‘tis loves that’s born tonight! red 181
Please prayerfully return your pledge so we can plan for 2021. Thank you. We have received pledges of $49,200. THANKS to PW for the new Advent candles!

Bible study with masks and distancing Tuesdays at 7pm in the basement.

CHRISTMAS EVE COULD BE 3, 7 & virtual with communion at both, no candles.
Please access our online worship services if you have any Covid symptoms.