North Presbyterian Church  

April 19, 2020        

Sunday Worship  


Silent Prayer of Preparation: Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ beside me all the day!   Welcome Remember while we are apart, we gather in different places but  by God’s Spirit we are One.
Introit:   Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord, Alleluia, alleluia give praise to his  name. Jesus is Lord of all the earth. He is the King of creation. Alleluia…                                 Call to Worship:                    The petals are falling off the tulips and the daffodils are wilting.  Christ is Risen!  The daily news is not comforting or stabilizing at the desired rate of speed.  Even after the first Easter things got to be routine with things not as expected.  But Christ is risen, risen INDEED! Let us worship God!                          

Hymn   “Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna! Celebrate this day of days! Christ is risen! Hush in wonder: all creation is amazed. In the desert all surrounding, See, a spreading tree has grown.  Healing leaves of grace abounding bring a taste of love unknown.  


Prayer of Confession: (Unison) Routines are ruts, Lord, forgive us.  Excitement, change newness is also a rut, forgive us. Lord, set us free for your grace and blessing (please pray silently).   Lord, speak to us, help us to hear. Restore to us the joy of your salvation, in Christ we pray.  Amen.    


Assurance of Pardon  Christ offers us life in his name!  Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, in Christ we are forgiven and set free.   Response: Sing we to our God above, Alleluia! Praise eternal as God’s love, alleluia!  Praise our God, ye heavenly host, Alleluia! Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Alleluia!             Prayer for peace Eternal God, open our eyes to peace and rest from your hand in this troubling time, In Christ we pray.  Amen.   Prayer for Illumination:   Your word is Spirit and Life, O Lord, richer than gold, stronger than death, your word is Spirit and Life, O Lord, Life everlasting.
Old Testament Lesson  Ezekiel 37: 1-10                               Children’s Time  “When did you last see something you couldn’t believe?”     Psalm 127                              Gospel Lesson       Luke  24:36-43                 
These are the Words of the Lord: Thanks be to God
 Sermon                          “Startled by Doubt”                                     Rev. Stuart C. Buisch  


Creed                                                               The Shorter Catechism
What are we to believe concerning the resurrection?  We are to believe that, at the last day, there shall be a general resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust; when they that are then found alive shall in a moment be changed; and the selfsame bodies of the dead which are laid in the grave, being then again united to their souls forever, shall be raised up by the power of Christ. The bodies of the just, by the Spirit of Christ, and by virtue of his resurrection as their head, shall be raised in power, spiritual and incorruptible, and made like to his glorious body.    


Hymn Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing that we can be born again! Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing “Christ is risen from the dead!” The angel upon the tombstone said, “He is risen just as He said. Quickly now go tell His disciples that Jesus Christ is not longer dead. Joy to the world, ‘He is risen, alleluia!’ (3x’s)   Joys and Concerns/Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer  


Hymn “Were you there? – when they crucified my Lord  -Laid him in a tomb.         -He rose up from the dead.                                                   Charge  In troubling times, the invisibility of God can be most uneasy. I charge each of us to pay attention to that which startles us and then step into faith, that  which seems unbelievable.  


Benediction May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the community of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore.  Amen.
Benediction Response               He lives, he lives Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way. He lives, he lives, salvation to impart! You ask me how I know he lives, he lives within my heart.
During this time it would be most helpful if offerings were mailed in. Another option is to speak with your bank and see what options they offer.  Thank you to those who are giving.

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