North Presbyterian Church                                May 10, 2020                  Sunday Worship  


Silent Prayer of Preparation: As a chalice cast of gold, burnished, bright, and brimmed with wine, make us, Lord as fit to hold grace and truth and love divine.   Welcome Remember while we are in different places, God is with us, Emmanuel.
Introit:   God is exalted, the king is exalted on high; I will praise Him. God is exalted, forever exalted and I will praise His name! He is the Lord; forever his truth shall reign. Heaven and earth rejoice in His holy name. God is exalted, the King is exalted on high.                                


Call to Worship:                    God, you were here before us and you will remain when we are beyond here.  Reveal to us the things that are important and the things that give you glory.  Yet Christ is risen, risen INDEED! Let us worship God!                        


Hymn   Rejoice, ye pure of heart, rejoice, give thanks and sing; your festive banner wave on high, the cross of Christ your King: Rejoice (3), give thanks and sing.  


Prayer of Confession: (Unison)Holy God, Each day you call us to love you with all that we are and to love our neighbors as ourselves, forgive us when we fail to do this (please pray silently).   Lord, speak to us, help us to hear. Restore to us the joy of your salvation, in Christ we pray.  Amen.     


Assurance of Pardon  Christ offers us life in his name!  Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, in Christ we are forgiven and set free, all of us!  

Response: Thine is the glory, Risen, conquering Son; Endless is the victory Thou o’er death hast won.             


Prayer for peace God, our hearts are not still, we are not full of peace and there are those in great need, grant all of us peace, In Christ we pray.  Amen.  


Prayer for Illumination:   Your word is Spirit and Life, O Lord, richer than gold, stronger than death, your word is Spirit and Life, O Lord, Life everlasting.
Old Testament Lesson  Hosea 3        


Children’s Time  “How do you show your love for each other?”     Song of Solomon 2     


Gospel Lesson       John 21: 15-25                 These are the Words of the Lord: Thanks be to God

  Sermon                        “Simon Son of John”                                     Rev. Stuart C. Buisch


Creed    The Confession of Belhar We believe that God has entrusted the church with the message of reconciliation in and through Jesus Christ; that the church is called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world; that the church is called blessed because it is a peacemaker; that the church is witness both by words and by deed to the new heaven and the new earth in which righteousness dwells.
Hymn   Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly, while the nearer waters roll, while the tempest still is high: Hide me, O my savior hide, till the storm of life is past; Safe into the haven guide; O receive my soul at last!  
Joys and Concerns/Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer  
Please keep the congregation in your prayers. Thanks for sending cards and calling  on the phone those of our members and friends.
Hymn Though I May Speak               Blue 335                                                  


Charge   So no matter what is happening outside: snow, wind, rain or heat of covid19. We  are loved, we can love, we are called to Godly love.   


Benediction May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the community of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore.  Amen.
Benediction Response              Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How great thou art, how great thou art. Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How great thou art, how great thou art!
  Thank you to those who are giving. Please continue to send your tithes, offerings and gifts.

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