North Presbyterian Church


May 1, 2022 9:45 & 11:00am Worship

Silent Prayer of Preparation: Let the Lord give strength to God’s people, blessing them with peace.

Psalm 29


Welcome Prayer for Peace: At the door we are commissioned, now with Easter victory’s won, to restore a world divided to the peace of Christ as one. Alleluia! Alleluia! Easter’s work must still be done. 2114 ♦


Call to Worship: You, divine beings! Give to the Lord glory and power! Give to the Lord the glory due his name! The glorious God thunders, God’s voice is strong. Let the Lord give strength to his people! The Lord bless his people with peace!


Hymn: “Were you There” Red 287


Opening Prayer: (Unison) Sometimes it is easy to get involved in conversations that are going nowhere with you God. Things that have no value come across our mind and we speak. Lord, help us to be interested in the things that interest you. (Please pray silently) Cleanse us from all our sins, forgive us, in Christ we pray, amen. ♦


Assurance of Pardon: When we tell our sins to God, the Lord is faithful and just and forgives us. Christ arose, we are forgiven, have life and peace in all its fullness. Response: He lives, he lives, Christ Jesus lives today, he walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way. He lives, he lives, salvation to impart, you ask me how I know he lives, he lives within my heart.


Red 299


Prayer for Illumination: Christ is risen and forever lives to challenge and to change all whose lives are messed or mangles, all who find religion strange, Christ is risen, Christ is present making us what he has been – evidence of transformation in which God is known and seen 2115


Old Testament Lesson: Psalm 29


New Testament Lesson: Mark 11:27-12:11


These are the Words of the Lord: Thanks be to God


Anthem “Children of the Heavenly Father”


Sermon: “Heavenly or Human” Rev. Stuart C. Buisch


Creed: The risen Christ is the Savior for all people. Those joined to him by faith are set right with God and commissioned to serve as his reconciling community. Christ is head of this community, the church, which began with the apostles and continues through all generations. The same Jesus Christ is the judge of all people. His judgement discloses the ultimate seriousness of life and gives promise to God’s final victory over the power of sin and death. To receive life from the risen Lord is to have life eternal;


Hymn “Hear the Bells Ringing” Red 301


Joys and Concerns/Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer


Hymn “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” Blue 123


Charge: (Unison) Love without pretending, hate evil, hold on to what is good, love each other like family, show honor to each other, be on fire in the Spirit, happy in hope, stand when in trouble, devote yourself to prayer, live at peace with all people. Be conformed to Christ’s death and reach for the resurrection of the dead now.




Closing Song: “That Easter Day” v 3 Blue 121


Choir rehearses at 10:30am. SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:45 no Sunday School on the second Sunday Bible study at 7pm this Tuesday Acts 4

Bible and Bagels May 24 8am

Attendance last week: 6/30 Offering: $1612

Duffield Opportunites: Women’s retreat, Summer camp schedule and Join the Duffield team ( See Usher’s table)


PRAYERS FOR: Cornell, Janet P, Terry S, Doreen K, Beverly, Jim & Gloria C, Judy L, Barb P, Alex W, Michael, Alice, John C, Marj B, Lauren, Jim H, Sue, Andrew, Ed, Jim, Patricia, Kimberly, Roger, Roger Jr, Casey, Luci, Harvey B, Becky Z, those with Covid, those with chronic pain, those in a time of loss