North Presbyterian Church

October 10, 2020

4pm Saturday Worship


Silent Prayer of Preparation: Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God-of-angel-armies protects us.


Welcome Introit: Come, O Holy Spirit, Come; Come, almighty Spirit, Come; Come, come, come.


Call to Worship: The glory of God is shouted from fall colors and marvelous waterfalls! We sing of God’s grace and we need God’s peace. Come Holy Spirit, Come! Let us worship God!


Hymn We sing the greatness of our God that made the mountains rise, that spread the flowing seas abroad and built the lofty skies. We sing the wisdom that ordained the sun to rule the day; the moon shines full at His command, and all the stars obey. There’s not a plant or flower below but makes thy glories known; and clouds arise and tempests blow by order from thy throne, while all that borrows life from Thee is ever in thy care, and everywhere that man can be, thou, God, art present there. r338


Prayer of Confession: (Unison) Holy God, the world around us is covered in darkness, let your grace lighten our souls and grant us forgiveness. (please pray silently). Lord, speak to us, help us to hear. Create in us clean hearts and right spirits. Restore to us the joy of your salvation, in Christ we pray. Amen.


Assurance of Pardon In Christ we are forgiven, alleluia! In Christ we are forgiven and set free, all of us!

Response: Come today with thoughts of the countless ways that God’s steadfast love blesses all our days, and join with me in silent praise. Come away with me. Come away.


Prayer for peace: O God, creator of all peace, refresh our spirits with your gracious, life giving peace. Let that peace which goes beyond our understanding be contagious to all we meet, In Christ we pray. Amen.


Prayer for Illumination: Spirit of God, unseen as the wind, gentle as is the dove. Teach us the truth and help us believe show us the Savior’s love.


New Testament Lesson Acts 13: 13-31


Children’s Time “What’s the most important thing you could tell someone?”

Ecclesiastes 12


New Testament Lesson Acts 13: 32-52 These are the Words of the Lord: Thanks be to God


Sermon “If you Have a Message?” Rev. Stuart C. Buisch


Creed We trust in Jesus Christ, fully human, fully God: …healing the sick and binding up the brokenhearted, eating with outcasts, forgiving sinners, and calling all to repent and believe the gospel… God raised this Jesus from the dead, vindicating his sinless life, breaking the power of sin and evil, delivering us from death to life eternal. A Brief Statement of Faith


Hymn O holy dove of God descending, you are the love that knows no ending, all of our shattered dreams you’re mending: Spirit, now live in me. O holy wind of God now blowing, you are the seed that God is sowing, you are the life that starts us growing: Spirit, now live in me. O holy rain of God now falling, you make the word of God enthralling, you are that inner voice now calling: Spirit, now live in me. 2123


Joys and Concerns/Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer


Hymn Ref: Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love, show us how to serve the neighbor we have from you. These are the ones we should serve, these are the ones we should love. All are neighbors to us and You. Ref: Kneel at the feet of our friends, silently washing their feet, this is the way we should live with you. Ref: bl367 Charge We don’t need to preach like Peter or Paul, nor pray like anybody else. We do need to find out why God made us and life that out each day.


Benediction May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the community of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore. Amen.


Benediction Response O holy dove of God descending, you are the love that knows no ending, all of our shattered dreams you’re mending: Spirit, now live in me. Thank you to those who are giving tithes, offerings and gifts.


Bible study with masks and distancing Tuesdays at 7pm in the basement.


Deacons meeting 10/17 9:30am Presbyterian Women 10/17 10:30am


Please access our online worship services if you have any Covid symptoms.


We are moving toward the season of Stewardship and pledge cards, which will be available soon in email and on the usher’s table. This year we will not be ordering envelopes for those who give annually or do not use the envelopes. Thanks for your understanding. We are working on online giving