Chimes January 2021


North Tonawanda

So I have been reading things about how churches have responded to the pandemic. Questions that I did not ask. Ideas I did not think of. I have been grateful for those who have remained connected to the church even though not physically present.

Currently our shut-ins are more connected than they were before the shut-down. Tech savvy members are getting sermons and bulletins via email, the web, and Facebook. Some people who do not give to the church or are not members are even accessing these resources.

Our building is in good shape, the bills are paid, the staff are working albeit differently.
Are we church? With masks and social distancing are we the body of Christ? In Any given week are you in touch with anyone from the congregation that you have not been able to be with? Is it important to you to remain engaged in worship when you can’t be sitting near other members?

One article I read noted that people were engaging in communion at home, recognizing that every meal is an opportunity to think about Christ’s body broken for us, his blood poured out for us.
Over the next few months as more vaccines become available it is possible that we will see a change around us. Laura and I have had our first doses of the vaccine and we should be all set by the middle of February. For us there has been the concern that we would be infected or that we would infect others.
I invite you over these months to think about what you have missed. Think about what hasn’t happened that wasn’t missed. Think about how the Church of Jesus Christ moves forward in our days.

Peace, Stu

Please prayerfully return your pledge so we can plan for 2021. Thank you.

Annual reports are due NOW. The report will be assembled January 15.

Edna’s VALENTINE info is coming.

Ash Wednesday FISH dinner is CARRY out only. Details will be forthcoming.

Ash Wednesday Service will be available on line and in the sanctuary.

Annual Congregational meeting is February 7 following worship in the sanctuary so that social distance can be maintained. This meeting sets the terms of call for Stuart and receives the annual reports.

Finally, thank you so much for all the cards and kind gifts that our family received over the holiday season. Stu