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December 2023


This Advent we are using ‘No Wind in the Window” for a theme through the sermons. My
prayer is that our faith and our expressions of faith and love will be contagious to North
Tonawanda. Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays 2023
Welcome to another Norris-Buisch yearly holiday card! We hope this letter finds you well and
surrounded by those you love.

The New Year brought with it lots of changes and exciting opportunities for all! But I would be remiss
to not mention the addition of two furry family members that happened at the tail end of 2022. I,
Quin, got a rescue puppy who I named Bennet (after the Bennet family in Pride & Prejudice, of
course!), and we surprised my mom with a trip to the SPCA, where the shy Garth joined our crazy

After spending the holidays in Buffalo, with family driving and flying up from the South, we all went
back to our “normal” routines. Mom and Dad stayed busy with church and providing for their
community, Maddy ventured back to Agnes Scott, and I “traveled” back to downtown Buffalo. We all
kept busy in our own ways; for some of us that meant prayer services, bible studies, and pastoral care
throughout Western New York, while others focused on lab work, complex math (at least in my mind
“complex”!), and hanging out with friends new and old. For me, I stayed busy with a growing puppy
and working from home with StoryCorps, as I got to dive into a new role with the Mobile Team.
As the year continued on, my parents prepped for an exciting adventure they would each partake in!
Because of a very generous invitation, Mom and Dad each went on a Viking cruise to different
destinations with some friends. Laura took on a Northern Lights tour in February and made us all
jealous with the amazing photos she sent. Then Stuart made us equally as jealous as he went on a
cruise through the Baltic in July. They both had a wonderful time and came back with memories and
experiences to go around.

While my parents rightfully had some wonderful pauses during their hectic year, Maddy and I were
hard at work. Maddy kept their schedule packed with tutoring, and a newfound appreciation for art.
That means our family group chat is never boring as we constantly get to see new incredible creations
from a plethora of mediums. Maddy has an amazing talent for finding new creative outlets and
churning out masterpieces, whether than be weaving, yarnwork, printmaking, sketching, and so much
more that I cannot even begin to list.

My contributions to the group chat looked a bit different. Mostly pictures of Bennet and random
things that he does that I consider genius-level behavior. I also made a pretty cool life decision. I
accepted an offer of admission from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, to complete a Masters of
Literature in Literature, Environments, and Places, starting in September.

Maddy came home to complete an internship at Heart, Love, and Soul, a social services non-profit
where both my mom and Maddy have poured tons of love and energy into over the past few years. I
focused on wrapping up my time at StoryCorps, and with my wonderful nanny family I had spent a
better part of the year with, and the whole family got to spend time together, which is always so
beloved. Mom, Maddy, and I even got to take a road trip down to Alabama (with the puppy!) to see
my grandparents. Unfortunately, my grandfather, Ray, was not doing well and we spent time visiting
him in a nursing home. Shortly after we returned, my grandfather passed away. It was a shock to us
all, and had us all back down South to celebrate his life surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones.
After our immense loss, we were able to take some much needed time for family and R&R as we
traveled to Scotland to visit loved ones, with my best friend, Tiago and Maddy’s partner, Becca. We
had a wonderful time exploring what would become my new home in just a month. Coming back
meant launching into a whirlwind rest of the year. We’ve all spent it working, studying, and loving
where we are in life right now.

2023 brought new happiness, moments of grieving, memories, and space for peace, and that’s what
we wish for all of you! Sending our love, peace, and joy for a happy and healthy 2024!

Quin, Maddy, Laura and Stuart

Down the steps in the Nativity Church The Human One fills a feed trough
Empty of hay or babe the manger sits And life makes room for Light
Up the hill where torture unfolded The Child of the Most High covers wood
Crosses and empty countryside are silent And death won’t be an end again
Runs with a Heartbeat © 2023

Session Highlights November
At the November 19 meeting, the session
• Discussed tree removal in spring
• Approved Angel Tree contributions to Community Missions of Niagara
• Discussed mission projects for next year
• Discussed having a new pictorial directory
• Scheduled a joint meeting with Deacons for Sunday, January 14 following

Saturday 4pm service December 9

Bible and Bagels December 18 8am

Early services December 3,17,24

Presbyterian Women’s Christmas Dinner December 11, 6pm $15.00 sign up by 12/4 with

Christmas Dinner, sponsored by Presbyterian Women, Dec 17 at 12: 15pm $20/ person; $10/
4-12 years, 3 & under free. Sign up by 12/10

SERVICES 12/24 9:45am; 11am- Christmas children’s story. Christmas eve services 3,7,10pm-
with communion.

PRAYERS FOR: Judy L, Lauren, Andrew, Ed, Patricia, Roger, David, Jessica, Marilyn, Bonnie,
Jane, Ronnie, Rich, Lester, Elaine F., Michele, Linda G, Terry R, Nancy J, Martha, Jessica, Jerry,
Jean, Shane

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