Chimes November 2022            NORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH            North Tonawanda


Enough is enough!  Enough already. Solo Dios basta. [Only God is enough]


Part of one of the Taize chants ends with these words.  Talk about a huge idea, one that could be pondered for a long time and never get to the bottom of it.  In the feeding miracles in both the Old and New testaments the ‘eaters’ get enough, they are satisfied.  Some people diet by stopping when they have had enough. 

But are satisfied and enough the same?  I expect that Ukraine has had enough of the missiles and destruction and death, but they seem to have no intention to stop the conflict from their side.  The news reports that Russian young people are fleeing the country rather than satisfy the governments expectations for more recruits for the conflict.


But enough of God?  The Russian Orthodox Church sees the conflict as restoring Russian patriots the freedom to be Russian.  I was visiting someone in the skilled nursing unit.  They had an accent so I asked about their roots: German Croatian.  I found that new to me but not to them.  When I am in the Czech Republic, Scotland or Germany I have a feeling of satisfaction for being where my roots are.

So do I feel that same rootedness in God? Do I really live in the truth that I belong to God, that we belong to God, that all can belong to God, from God’s point of view?  That that belonging is a good thing. 

Enough without God is never enough.  Only God clarifies the amount necessary.  Only in God is there peace, patience, contentment and grace.



Early services this month are 11/6; 11/13 & 11/27


Bible Study is in Romans right now on Tuesday nights at 7pm.


Sunday School at 9:45 every Sunday except the THIRD Sunday THIS MONTH. 


Saturday 4pm service November 19.


November 20 we celebrate PW Thank Offering Sunday for our mission focus


COFFEE HOUR is November 20 following worship


Bible and Bagels November 28 8am  NOTE LATER time


Book Discussion Holy Envy ch 8 November 14 1pm


PRAYERS FOR: Terry S, Doreen K’s Family, Beverly, Judy L, Barb P, Alex W, Michael, John C, Marj B, Lauren, Jim H, Sue, Andrew, Ed, Jim, Patricia, Roger, Casey, Luci, David, Kaz, Ron and Veronica, Jessica, Steve, those with Covid, those with chronic pain, those in a time of loss