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September 2023


Idalia just landed in Florida. What is it that makes us notice? Moreover what gets a
reaction from us. If you have relatives in the area, as I do, you are no doubt praying.
Last Sunday we had a new person come to the early service. We greeted accordingly but
it is anyone’s guess whether that guest will want to be part of us. What’s the best way to
notice newcomers, neighbors or people we meet somewhere. Gamers, those individuals
who get lots of pleasure out of playing or participating in online games say they have
made life long friendships, even met spouses online. Most couples today are introduced
in online platforms.

The God we worship is merciful, full of compassion, patient, and so much more. How do
you talk about that with the people you are around? How do you meet new people? How
do you keep up with old friends?

As we enter a new school year let’s be more conscious of those around us and pray. Stu

Work for the most part is all done. Waiting for carpet edges.

The following were nominated and duly elected to serve our faith family. Thank you to our
Nominating Committee and to those who have agreed to serve. They will be installed
September 17, 2023

Elders Class of 2026
Sarah Franco 2
Peter Somerville 2 
Karl Wende 2

Deacons Class of 2026

Robert Flack 1

Glen Chilson 1

Marilyn Ventry 1

Brenda Freiert 1

Sharon Silvis 1

Saturday 4pm service September 9

Bible and Bagels September 25 8am

Early services September 3, 17, 24

PRAYERS FOR: Judy L, Lauren, Andrew, Ed, Patricia, Roger, David, Jessica, Marilyn, Bonnie,
Jane, Ronnie, Rich, Lester, Elaine F., Michele, Linda G, Terry R, Nancy J, Martha, Jessica, Jerry
We had a great time with VBS, our fourth this calendar year. We had three students who
played bells and sang last Sunday. We had two very helpful youth: Anthony Michael and
Adam Franco. We had several adult helpers: Ellen Brock, Judy Michael, Ginger Mitchell, Sandy
Sikora and Sharon Silvis was our snack leader. Jonah is a great book rich in ideas and

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