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March 2023


North Tonawanda

Exploring Lent with children was a real gift. Children are new to most stories and ready to pick out the important details from their point of view. Each day after our story time there was an opportunity to draw a picture from the story. When the story picture was done it was ok to draw a picture of anything, like a car, a movie figure etc.


One day one child drew the main character of that particular Bible story and then drew a picture of Jesus who was not in that part of the story. I asked the child to tell us about the picture. They named the central character and stopped. I asked who the other figure was and with the scorn of a knowing child and an unknowing pastor I was informed that was Jesus coming to help the character. I don’t work with children with the expectation that they will learn the details or plot or characters of the story. I only want them to hear and interact with whatever part of the story that speaks to them. That is how I read scripture. The children continue to hear the bits that are very important and amaze me with the minor details of names, plot and time of day that they do not miss.



SOUPER Bowl celebrations raised $318. Thank you


Early services this month are 3/5; 3/19; 3/26


Bible Study is in II Samuel right now on Tuesday nights at 7pm.


Sunday School at 9:45 every Sunday except the second Sunday


Saturday 4pm service


March 11 Bible and Bagels


March 27 8am Lenten learning theme days five elementary age children were involved and four youth, four adult chaperones and went very well.


News: Twin Cities Meals on Wheels is celebrating 50 years. Mayor’s charity Gala 3/11/23 6:30pm to 10:30pm Martinsville Grove at Rescue Fire Hall 1241 Strad Ave


NT PRAYERS FOR: Judy L, Barb P, Alex W, Michael, John C, Marj B, Lauren, Sue, Andrew, Ed, Jim, Patricia, Roger, Casey, Luci, David, Kaz, Jessica, Steve, Marilyn H, Mary, Ron, Rich, Don B’s family, those with Covid, those with chronic pain, those in a time of loss


John and I wish to let you know how much we appreciate all the kind things you do. We like the soup and the Valentine gifts. John and Sheila Cox

Dear Presbyterian Angels, Thank you so very much for that delicious bean soup. It was so very ggod. The Christmas basket was spectacular as this is, right up there. Thank you, Eileen Troy

Thank you for the wonderful Valentine. E T Dear Friends from North, Another beautiful surprise bag of Valentine gifts at my front door….It’s been a tough fall and winter for all of us... Thank you also for the soup from Souper Bowl. Peg Linkowski

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