Chimes April 2021


So I wonder where they went. When I left the church on Palm Sunday I put the extra palms on the bench outside the office door. Sort of a memory of the beginning of Covid, and sort of a risky act of generosity to those who didn’t get their branch.

Maybe the joke is on me. Maybe as you read this you are holding the one you got. Maybe you drove by as someone was cleaning up the mess the pastor had made.

By the way who cleaned up the branches and cloaks on Palm Sunday. Being civilized individuals we know that janitors and sextons clean up churches and church grounds. Sometime congregations clean up their church yard when the weather breaks. But who did it in Jesus’ day? Did those who offered their cloaks view them differently having the colt walk over them or Jesus sit on them?

We are at the brink of Easter. A radical change. I am tired. I sleep good hours every night but after supper I am tired. Could it be that I don’t get the amount of work, visits, organizing, reading done that I think I should. Could it be the stress of covid, the fear of contagion, the fear of long-haulers in our midst – those covid patients who fight symptoms for months?

I am not sure but I am sure that Easter is coming and on the first Easter the world was turned upside down. So, I wonder what will come next for us. The talking heads are making all kinds of predictions but I wonder what will really happen? If resurrection is for everyone who trusts Christ, how will that affect our walk with Christ today? I want to encourage you to consider what your role in the church is today. What is your mission? What do you do each week, month or day for the kingdom of God? If ‘nothing’ is your answer are you really part of the church?
The possible answers are as limitless as the number of people on our roles and the roles of other churches. But if you really have no answer, what does that say?

Peace, Stu

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Josh’s Corner:
My Name is Josh Edwards and I recently transferred my membership here from Niagara Presbyterian in the Town of Niagara. I am currently in seminary at Northeastern Seminary out of Robert Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. In Seminary, I am currently working towards my Masters in Divinity degree. As part of my degree, I am required to complete Field Education, and I have chosen to work with Pastor Buisch on this task. I am really looking forward to continuing to be a part of this church and receiving this great opportunity.
Coming Up:
Thursday April 1, 7pm in the Fellowship hall Maundy Thursday service

Friday April 2, 11am in sanctuary seven brief services for Seven Last Words of Christ.
Come and go as you like

Sunday April 4, 7:30 am Gratwick Park Sunrise service

Sunday April 4, 9:45 and 11am services in the church.

June to Labor day Sunday worship will be 9am in basement and 11am in Bauer Park weather permitting. Rain will force us inside at 11 with hand sanitizer.