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Chimes                               June 2024

NORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                             North Tonawanda

I spend a bit of time looking for my coffee cup. I was surprised to see my new career in coffee
illustrating of documents has gotten a great start with my May calendar. But today I realized
that I hadn’t left my cup downstairs in worship or upstairs in the sanctuary. Then I stopped cold.
I left my coffee cup outside on the ground at the park service.

So, I shift from coffee to God. I am very interested when people start talking about God. Coffee
cups are not the only thing I misplace. I believe the opportunity that missing items gives is the
chance to get some exercise, both physical and mental. Usually when something is MIA after a
day of two I pray about it and sometime between that prayer stopping and the next item going
missing I find the first thing that was missing in action or stillness. I am a bit more faithful to
thank God when the item re-enters my sphere or awareness.

I was just re-reading the ten plagues narrative. The back and forth is not unlike my losing of
items. The competition between God and Pharaoh is almost comical unless of course you are
Israeli and you are still making bricks without the benefit of provided straw. Small comfort in
the safety of the Jewish community outside Pharaohs property lines. God, however, never loses
the divine intention. From the first water to blood switch to the death of the first born God
stayed on track. Israel got out of Egypt with an amazing amount of stuff and fairly quickly lost
God in the wilderness.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that God, in all eternity, never loses us.

Session Summary May 2024: At its May meeting, the session:

  1.  Heard the statements of faith from confirmands Adam Franco and Anthony Michael and

  2. voted to approve them for membership

  3. Approved Nancy Treichler’s request to remove the tree by the office door

  4. Considered options to replace the dishwasher

  5. Heard a report from the organist search committee

  6. Discussed the thermostats and boiler in light of ongoing concerns with the church being cold

  7. Discussed the possibility of having a travel group

  8. Set the next meeting date for June 2

  • June 24-28; Songs for Faith theme days at North. Registration forms on Usher’s table.

  • Saturday 4pm service June 8

  • Bible and Bagels June 17 8am

  • Early services June 2, 16, 23, 30

  • Services are outside in the park, bring your own chair

  • Bible study is in Philippians. Tuesdays at 7.

PRAYERS FOR: Judy L, Andrew, Patricia, Roger, David, Jessica, Jane, Lester, Elaine F., Michele,
Linda G, Terry R, Jessica, Jerry, Jean, Mary, Ruth, Robyn, Justine, Michele, Deborah T, Lindsay,
David, Theresa, Ron, Judy M, Tim R, Jeff L

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