Chimes April 2022



Soon we will exit Lent. Yawn!! Will anyone notice? Here in western NY you can get fish fry every Friday, year round and some places serve it every day of the week. Sushi is certainly available. Maybe there’s something to that. Maybe because we are so cosmopolitan everything is available everywhere and so nothing is special, interesting, routine or traditional. So I ask you, what is special about your faith in Jesus Christ? What are your traditions? With our daughters out of our home during the school year, certain family traditions are on hold at the very least. Some homes feel the changes of a school schedule, sport or theatre/music schedule or some hobby, activity unique to your home.


These radical changes to how we frame our lives impacts how we relate to a pandemic, a war in someone else’s country, massive fires, tornadoes and snow storms. Lent, not unlike Passover, can be an opportunity to clean out not just cobwebs and dust but extras, extraneous items that we received, acquired or bought but no longer have meaning for us. This emptying is not just because it is a good way to find the surfaces in your house but it is also essential for finding our what is valuable now in your soul.


Easter is the culmination of that process because resurrection replaces death in our souls and bodies. Resurrection restarts us from our deadly ways into freedom, liberty – not just for ourselves but how we treat others. Resurrection says in a more powerful way than anything else can that yesterday is over, let go of it and live today alive in Jesus Christ. Rise up!



Thank you from Marguerite Marks for all the cards and gifts from the church family.


Choir rehearses at 10:30am.


SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:45 except second Sunday. Bible study at 7pm on Tuesdays. We will start Acts soon.


Bible and Bagels April 25 8am


Holy Week Services: Maundy Thursday 6pm; Good Friday 12-3 at First Presbyterian Niagara Falls 311 First St; 7 – 20 minute services Easter sunrise 7:30 Grattwick Pk Easter Sunday 9:45am and 11am at church


Easter BRUNCH: 10:00am Easter egg hunt to follow. Grandparents bringing their grandchildren let Rose Mitchell know.


Duffield Opportunites: Youth retreat, Women’s retreat, Summer camp schedule and Join the Duffield team ( See Usher’s table) NEEDED: trimmers to work in our front landscape.


Please and Thank you CURTAIN UP shows at Ellicott Creek Playhouse. Next Show is Brigadoon in June. Please talk to Harvey if you are interested for details.


PRAYERS FOR: Cornell, Janet P, Terry S, Doreen K, Beverly, Gloria C, Judy L, Barb P, Alex W, Michael, Alice, John C, Marj B, Lauren, Jim H., Sue, those with chronic pain, those in a time of loss, Andrew, Ed, Jim, those with Covid, Patricia, Kimberly, Roger, Roger Jr, Casey, Jo, Luci, Harv B., Becky Z


SAVE THE DATE: May 22 Community Pot Luck. See Brenda Freiert.


Five days at Church: Journey with Jesus Easter Break from School. 4/11-14, 9-12 or 9- 3.4/15 9-11:30 (Please fill out one form for each camper) FIVE DAYS at CHURCH: Journey with Jesus (Easter Break from School.) 9am-noon or 9am-3pm 4/11-14; 9-11:30 4/15 $15.00/ morning; $25.00 Day. Bring your own lunch.


Name_________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________ E-Mail________________________________________________ Phone___________ My Child_____________________________________ has my permission to attend North Presbyterian Church and all its activities and trips. T-Shirt size _______________ (Please old clothes the first day!) Parent_________________________________________________ Please check days coming below ______Monday ______Tuesday ______Wednesday ______Thursday ______Friday Children needing to be left early or picked up late contact Rev. Stu 713-6488, so a volunteer can be with them. Checks are needed when you register