Chimes June 2021


North Tonawanda

What’s the big deal? Baptism, confirmation, wedding, funeral – in all of these situations God is gracious right? God is reaching out to everyone, right? So what role does the church play today?
Does worship attendance, generosity, leadership matter to faith? What value does North Presbyterian bring to you and to your neighborhood?

As our daughters prepare to head out to college in August we are only too aware that church may tumble to the bottom of their schedule and priority. We have loads of young adults who are confirmed and mostly absent from the life of our church. Like many other churches those at the greater number of years are finding worship in heaven the situation they are in.

So what should North Presbyterian Church be about? Before masking and social distancing we had a pretty active set of small groups albeit based around food and drink and conversation. A pretty small percentage of the congregation and even smaller part of the membership were involved.

The second Sundays of the month have had some fine mission foci but attendance is minimal on those Sundays. Pete Somerville is basically covering many of those so that we don’t embarrass our congregation for a guest.
North Church is still a place of prayer. Several look forward to hearing the needs to pray for and many church members and deacons send greetings.

I think over the next period of time we need to think about why we are a church. We need to pray about things that we can do, not to fill our pews, or our coffers but to further the ministry of Jesus Christ, first in our own lives and then in the lives around us and not so near us.
Our on line presence is touching lives, family members and others far afield from North Tonawanda. Esther was in the right place at the right time to work a mighty work for her people. What is waiting for us to do, be and become in this time?

Peace, Stu

Our sunrise service was the biggest in recent years.
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Coming Up:
Music Camp August 16-20, presentation 8/22 at 11am
Vacation Bible School Aug 23-27 9-11:30; Art Drama 9-3
(registration forms on Usher’s table)

June to Labor Day Sunday worship will be 9am in basement and 11am in Bauer Park weather permitting. Rain will force us inside at 11 with hand sanitizer.