Chimes November 2021


North Tonawanda

What should I ask for? That’s the title for a sermon coming. But it’s a great question
for a church to ask every once and a while. So here are some of my thoughts:
I would ask that as many new members join us as we lose each year. You may think that
that won’t work. Currently the new members are joining with no impetus from the current
members. Someone complained to me that there were no young ones helping with the rummage
sale and I asked if their young ones helped. The complaint died. New members have new points
of view and new presence. They are a joy to meet and join with. They are so much more than
more workers for my way of doing things.

I would ask that in stressful times I would trust God more for my peace and my capacity to
be gracious in my reactions. I am saddened by the level of stress I see in myself and feel around
me. I am grateful how God does restore my soul when I step out of the flow and pray, read and
stop focusing on what I can’t do.

I would ask that we as a church listen with more attention. First, listen to our own thoughts
and words. What are we saying when we speak? What does that mean? Next listen to the
people we go to church with. What is happening in their world? What are our children saying?
Many of our members have children who are not attending church and maybe they are members
elsewhere. What would we hear them say about our faith, our church, our dreams for our
neighborhood? What do our neighbors say? Do we have time to listen to them? Are they
people of faith? Have we talked long enough to know anything they believe?
The session started this conversation. All of us on session would be enriched to hear your
answer to the question, ‘What should I ask for?’

Peace, Stu

Coming Up: Reminder: There will be a very short PW meeting this Sunday, 10/31 at 10:45 in
the parlor. We will also very quickly discuss the PW Christmas dinner. Please plan to attend
and spread the word. Thank you! Brooke

Early worship in October is at 9:45 in basement on 11/7; 11/21; 11/28

SUNDAY SCHOOL is at 9:45. Masks for everyone not vaccinated.
Saturday Service at 4pm November 13 will be a Memorial Service for Mildred Whitcomb. All
are welcome. Visitation is at the church from 2-4 that day.
Choir rehearses at 9:30. Vaccinated singers welcome, have a mask ready if you like.
Bible study at 7pm on Tuesdays studying John.

11/7 there will be a youth Sunday school class as well.

11/14/21 will be a mission Sunday service focusing on The Presbyterian Gift Catalog, thanks to Pete Somerville.
Book Conversation 11/14 at 4pm Holy Envy chapter 2. All are welcome

Bible and Bagels will meet November 30 at 8am Session meets 11/28 after worship if there is business.

YOUTUBE channel: North Presbyterian Church North Tonawanda
Vaccinated people need not wear masks.

OFFICE NEWS -For right now the bulletin is printed on Monday or Tuesday, please have all
info into the office no later than Monday at nine am for the following Sunday.

CHIMES: The chimes goes to print the last week of the month. Make sure any info you have
gets to the office by nine am the Monday of the last week.

Deepest Sympathy to the family of Millie Whitcomb who died 10/17/21. Calling hours will be
at the church 11/13 2-4pm Memorial following.

Congratulations to Lindsay Rapp and Dan Molina on the birth of Maximus Antonio and to
Matt and Mary Ellen Parish on the birth of Willow June

Financial Stewardship Commitment for 2022 11/21/21 Consecration Sunday
Grateful for God’s love in Jesus Christ, I (We) pledge to support the mission of the
church at all levels. Please return this form by 11/21/21 and THANK YOU.
Address__________________________________ Apt____________
City__________________________ State__________ Zip_________
$__________per _____ week _____ month _____other
_____ I will be giving but will not pledge this year.
Keep this portion as a record of your financial stewardship commitment
for the year 2022
My (Our) Financial stewardship commitment for 2022
$ _________ per____ week____ month _____ other
This year as you ponder God’s call to your giving, think not just about money and bills and
programs, think about what you want the church to be, do and become. Pray about God’s call
in your life. Yes, we have money in the bank, yes we have lost givers through death, but the
more important thing is what does God call us to give and be. Stu