Chimes for June 2020
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I am not sure how many of you know that in this Covid19 time two of my part-time jobs have changed significantly so I applied and got a new part time job working at St. Joe’s Post Acute Center in Orchard Park.  I work twice a week a total of around 8 hours.  I have full Personal Protective Equipment on and wear specific clothes in the unit that do not leave the center on me.  The encounters with patients are incredibly fulfilling and the regular occurrence of death and discharge becomes deeply emotional.   

This work informs my continuous internal conversation of when do we resume what we do at church.  Most of the small groups could resume in terms of numbers but I am unsure how many are ready to reconnect in those meetings. PLEASE let me know if you are part of one of those programs what you are thinking. The problem with most of those programs is that most include car-pooling which is impossible with social distancing.

As we proceed with the various phases we will be alerting the congregation of next steps.

God willing the summer camps will happen. Right now I am considering remotely so our children can access materials or have zoom experiences. As that becomes clearer to me I will get that out to you.

We are trying to be intentional about joys and concerns in the bulletin emails.  Please get those concerns out to the homes that don’t use the internet.

It is incredible to me to read scripture in this pandemic season. Before this happened I never saw pandemic issues in scripture or at most rarely. Now they seem to be everywhere.  Psalm 18 declares God’s nature to be strength, solid rock, a fortress and a rescuer.  God is ‘my place of safety.’

At some point things will be different. How’s that for profound!   

Today I am not trying to imagine worse but before his happened I wouldn’t have imagined this.  We can deal with this noting all the limitations on our lives just now or we can think of what we still have.  It is so counter-intuitive to ‘count your blessings’ with this deprived situation we are in.  But I expect lifting our eyes to what we are in Christ, what we have around us, and the current details named as gifts might change our attitude at least.
Believe and trust are the same word in Greek. In today’s English believe could be our opinions but trust is what we have confidence, loyalty to, and reliance upon.  I charge you to measure your trusts just now. 

Peace, Stu               

Thank you to those sending your pledges and offerings in. The financial figures will be included in the first Sunday of June bulletin when the numbers are complete for May. 

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