November 2020



I consciously chose to focus on the Spirit of God since Pentecost Sunday. It has been an interesting journey for me over these months. We are approaching Advent so I will take a break from the Book of Acts.


But before that lets think about some of the things that we can be thankful for that we observed as different in the book of Acts.


Travel was pretty unrestricted if you could afford to do it. The missionary journeys that Luke recounts and soon will join in on are not limited by boarders or burglars. People got around. When you got to a destination there was a level of civility at least as long as you were a guest. Once you started expressing your religious or political views your life could be at risk but otherwise as a quiet traveler there were no dangerous issues.


Some people in particular metropolitan areas were open to new ideas. In Athens there was even a venue for discussing ideas, presenting philosophical positions, perhaps even observations from the world around.


For some in the book of Acts there is the experience of miracle. Cynics and skeptics may read that word differently today but those in that day saw what they saw and named it miracle or sign. As we move in this season of thankfulness and stewardship what are the general things that make your life rich? How do you react to these gifts in each day? What are the reasons that the two questions I just asked seem ridiculous to you? What physical, emotional, social issues make your life very limited? How does your faith in Jesus Christ impact either of these situations in your life?


Perhaps because I have started reading my parents diaries or maybe because of my age I seem to be a bit more reflective. I think I am noticing more and more the way I react to certain things around me. I see behaviors in the college students that I share a house with that are very familiar to those days when I was finally free of morning and evening chores and off on vacation at ‘college’.


Being thankful is a great way to prepare for Christmas, it is also a healing tool for the many struggles present in our community and communities unlike ours.


PLEASE take some time to pray about your financial and physical participation at North Presbyterian church. In all the chaos of this year we started financially secure in January and have been sufficient all year. All the more reason to consider afresh your role in the church both in presence and financial presents to the budget. I was reading a brief account of someone’s rationale for giving money to the church in their estate. They were so grateful that when they no longer had financial responsibilities they could freely give what they had been restricted from giving in life. We have received two such gifts this year and are grateful. Peace, Stu


PLEDGE CARDS – these were included in a previous email. There are hard copies available at both doors of the sanctuary.


SESSION HIGHLIGHTS- The memorial funds, currently housed in a local savings account will be moved to a New Covenant Fund account with the Presbyterian Foundation where it could earn income and be as accessible in the time of use as it is locally.


Josh Edwards is joining our membership on letter of Transfer from the Niagara Presbyterian Church in Niagara, NY. He recently moved here from there.

Snow removal from our sidewalks at 2 or 3 inches will be done by the company that plows our parking lot. Remember that de-icing is not a service we hire out for and is not taken care of. When the snow fall is limited to less than 2 or 3 inches no snow shoveling is arranged for. PLEASE be careful. T


his is the season that some of our number start their journey south for the winter. Godspeed to each of you that take that journey.


We have engaged Tithe-ly for online giving. Please watch our web site or Facebook page for links. Remember there is a small fee to use this service. Thank you so much.

When we opened up for face to face worship we had a plan approved with guidelines from NYS for that opening. In the event that you discover you have been exposed to someone with COVID 19 and have subsequently been at church for what ever reason please leave a message at the office so the appropriate steps can be followed to minimize the spread of this virus, thank you.