Brief Chimes

September 2020


Two songs come to mind: Summertime and the livin is easy – NOT


See you in September – HOPE so.


I continue to be amazed at the responses to all that is around us. My own stress with this pandemic is more conscious, but as my routine becomes established I feel easier. It has been good taking communion around and seeing our vulnerable members.


So pandemic continues but Bible Study has started on Tuesdays this summer at 7pm. All are welcome. There is some conversation about other things starting but we are still trying to figure out keeping our building disinfected and safe for everyone.


So who are we as the church in this time? What is our faith doing with all the restrictions and the new normals? You need to note we are sending a letter out by email and snail mail regarding being back in our sanctuary starting September 20. There will be an entrance door and exit door ( those using the lift can use that entrance for both entering and leaving the church.) Some pews will be corded off to ensure social distancing. Masks will be required and the congregation will not be singing. Can this still be church, you ask? Why would I go? I can’t spend time close or unmasked with people I don’t live with.


IT is curious how pandemic poses new questions for us. What does our faith mean to us? How do I check in with those who I don’t want to risk getting covid19? When I hear about notes sent, texts sent, phone calls made and in a few instances socially distant visits made I am greatly encouraged. We are the church who care for each other.


The news is full of danger, death, storms, elections and it could be tempting to turn the news sources: tv, radio, internet, fb off. But throughout the scriptures when things got rough the people of God didn’t hide (well some of them did: Jonah, Lot etc) God still is our refuge and strength. We are still the people that need the armies of Heaven fighting on our side in a world that is not kind, not safe and not naturally protective of humans. The devastation of Hurricane Laura is overwhelming even as I type away in the safety, warmth and light of the church office.


So over the next few weeks and months we will continue to unfold to the next chapter of this pandemic. As we understand the re-opening we will keep you informed of what that means at North Presbyterian. Bulletins, sermons, Bible study will continue to come in emails. The web site and facebook page offer video of services. THANK you so much for the offerings you have sent in. We are still paying all our bills and the staff are returning with new hours and different duties in this time. For those not on email we will get you hard copies. If you hear of someone who wants them who is not getting them please let the office know.


Peace, Stu