Chimes for July 2020

Stu’s news
Its July and nothing has changed and everything has changed.  Ok maybe not Everything!
Worship has started up face to face in the park – Thanks to Matt Parish and the City Council. If it is raining the services are not happening.  We will keep our eyes open and let you know when we know more.  We are hoping to be in the sanctuary this fall sometime.

As we proceed with the various phases we will be alerting the congregation of next steps.
Summer camps have begun remotely in the sense that in addition to the children’s story and prayer service on the web site and Facebook page we now have VBS videos.  If children are interested Stu will make a craft packet that can be picked up at the church.  Music camp offers face time or What’s app with Stu working on music than can be added to our Sunday worship service.

We are trying to be intentional about joys and concerns in the bulletin emails.  Please get those concerns out to the homes that don’t use the internet.

We have received and are processing a bequest from Margaret Reed.  As Session reflects on the money from Mal Brand and Margaret Reed I realized that I would not have a job here at North without the funds from the endowment that supplement our income.  Please read that sentence again.  I had not thought about that but it is real.  At some point God will call me into retirement or on to other things.  Each member of the congregation needs to think seriously about what is next when that day comes.

But now we are called together to serve Christ. I have failed to realize that all the things I feel about this time that we are living in must leave each of you wondering, worrying and wearying about many of the things or types of things I am in the midst of.  You are in my prayers.  I am trying to keep connected with you as best as I can with various types: email, text, snail mail, phone calls.  If you know of someone who feels left out by this by all means let me know, I am sorry.
As we move toward the autumn, no matter what is happening in our world, we can still serve Christ, bring Glory to God and be a family of faith together.   

Peace, Stu          

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