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2 Kings 5: 13

Is it true that some things are easier to see from a distance? Naaman, a foreigner who

came to Elisha because of the words of a servant, is offered healing with simple directions.

One thing each of us must decide today is who among us has value?

what are the criteria that gives one person value and another not?

Slaves, captured in a time of war can never surely be acceptable behavior.

this slave girl - slave means no value, girl means less value than adult or male in the

eyes of the writer- but because of her words, her master is healed.

The writer of Kings doesn't tell us what Naaman said to her when he got home.

But he came back whole, he came back clean.

perhaps like many of us, God things must be dramatic. vs 11

But faith calls us to see every word we say, indeed every moment we listen, every deed

we do, every thought we have as valued before God.

Simple things like bathing in a river, with faith, becomes a miracle.

Where do you need to watch today to see God working in and around and through you?

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