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Daniel 3

Don't you love it when things are obvious! Nebuchadnezzar(hereafter Neb) builds a

statue. Presumably of himself. he tells everyone that they must bow down when the music


Stop Neb makes it out of gold. Or at least covered with gold.

one of the Hebrew words for gold suggests covering. Much as gold is valued

sometimes it is just a covering. at ninety feet I am guessing it is not solid gold.

Remember when Easter bunnies were solid chocolate?

Gold is expensive, not indigenous to Palestine, it gets brought in. Was there plenty of

gold where Neb was? Babylon? doesn't seem to be a question. Neb wanted it and Neb got it.

Next he wanted it adored, worshiped, bowed down to.

Presbyterians don't bow. Says it all doesn't it.

Except of course when the pain in our gut hurts so bad we have no choice.

What would it be like if our love for God was that intense?

Finally when the music played.

Music was added to sacrifices in Israel. Ultimately when the temple and sacrifices were

destroyed only the music. Did I say only? the music lasted.

What are you singing and to whom do you sing?

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