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Daniel 3

Cool in the furnace Many of us have no doubt read the chapter in Daniel about the three friends of Daniel

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who refused to worship the idol set up and were thrown into a fiery furnace so hot that the soldiers that threw them in were burnt.

I have been interested that this story reappears in monastic experiences and other traditions. Having just read some of those accounts I started thinking what does that story look like in our lives. The news this am tells of a woman with a fetus that has no skull has to travel several states to find help for that situation. The significant uptick in suicide and drug overdose must also feel like a fiery furnace from which there is no escape. Alcoholism, for some, isn't even felt like a problem for some and yet the destructive fire, literally in their belly,

burns on. So I invite you

to go back to Daniel 3. Read your life into that story. Like the family in Ukraine whose apartment was shot up but they survived. Amazing

Daniel 3

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