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Psalm 68

This Psalm is interesting to ask who is it addressed to? Does the singer ask God to rise up.

Do the troubled listeners want God to be seen so the evil will disappear and flee?

It is hard to imagine the singer telling God what to do.

Maybe the singer is asking those listening to look and see where God is in their lives.  Is God

lifted up.

vs two seems clear that God's presence will get rid of evil like smoke or melt like wax in the heat.

The same God will make those who are right with God joyful.

Today we need people in this time to be joyful, to trust that God is somehow working 

when we can see it and when we can't.

The challenges in our lives are opportunities for us to see what we trust in.  

the news for a while has put people off listening to the situation in our county, state, nation and world.

Only if we are aware and alert to God's presence do we have the hope of joy in our troubles.

Last evening as I settled down to sleep the clouds were amazing. the twilight lit up all the movement of the wind on those clouds.

v4 the Psalmist sees God on those kind of clouds, victorious.  It is curious, clouds can bring rain, storms, shade but they can also blow away in moments.  our Faith has that same capacity, so full of hope one moment and nothing the next.

v5 I wonder as i read this verse is this a reminder to those who are orphans and widows, or a challenge to those who are not that God is on their side and so should we be.  

Certainly in 2020 there are plenty of orphans and widows in rough shape.

Keep reading. God Bless Stu

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