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Deuteronomy 24

Did you know....

when a man takes a wife he can't go to army, business or work he simply needs to spend a year making his wife happy. vs 5

What would happen to marriage, our economy, our security if we followed that today?

If a person kidnaps another person to sell as a slave, the kidnapper must die - purge this evil from among you. That really calls into question the nature of dealing with others that our generation has inherited over the recent centuries. We must value others, we cannot

enslave them in any way. that is evil. vs 7

When you loan someone anything do not go into their house to get payment. Give them space. IF they have nothing do not take the little or nothing that they have. Again an image of honoring other humans. vs10-12

Pay your workers at the end of each workday. If you with-hold pay you will have sin on your books.

I am not sure what happens to ones economy if sin is in the ledger. Make sure foreigners and orphans get their just rights. Don't ever forget you were slaves once. vs17

Who knew Deuteronomy could be so progressive?

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