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Ezekiel 6

Four times in the passage we identify as

this phrase in some version - know that I am the Lord


What does that phrase mean to you? What stirs fear in you or hope in you that You identify with God?

Idolatry in vs 1-7 pushed the destruction that resulted in the first use vs 7

Some are spared 8-10 and they will know. It certainly begs the question what do those in the grave know?

But that question shows what we think about eternal life. If people live in some form past this mortality

surely in the grave those souls know God. Perhaps they have a clarity about God that we lack.

But then twice more in the midst of destruction and death the people will know that God is the Lord.

In this pandemic there have certainly been several who have asked me is this God's destruction?

My experience doesn't indicate any new knowledge or following of God. The opposite seems the case.

More and more are busy with the important things of life and don't display in a way that I would know that

they know God is the Lord.

But then what might they say about me?


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