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For Unto Us A Child Is Born

For- stop, the cry uttered on the golf course - look out a ball is coming

in conversation 'for' says listener, reader stop, pay attention to what is coming.

Unto Us- not random, not without plan or purpose, not without direction

unto us- very few of us will leave our packages wrapped up Friday unless we have a

special plan to meet up with the giver later. But this Christ child comes to us.

Are we ready, open, receptive

If we had eyes to see all that is offered to us in a day, could we be overwhelmed?

More to the point how much will we explore this that is being given to us?

A Child - At Maddy's baptism the preacher's theme was, 'it takes a child to raise

a village' A child brings new potential to a system. at the ages of 18 and 20 Maddy and Quin know so many things that I don't know, have so many interests that I don't have.

The next generation moves in its own path. This child born to us is going to change


Is Born. it has started. Aunt Rose said, 'it's no snowball it won't melt'

Birthing has its own way of doing things. In Yemen a set of conjoined twins were

just born.

Its started. what do you see? what will you see? where will you see it?

Merry Christmas Happy New Year

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