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Joel 2: 28-32

Ever notice that anything you read sounds different depending on what you were just thinking about?

Just in from walking the dogs you sit down and read thirst and you need water and your mouth is dry.

Joel calls some of that into question.

This text is part of the traditional pentecost readings. But did you notice that v 28 God's Spirit will be poured on everyone.

IS everyone really everyone? v 32 suggests that only those who call upon the Lord will be saved. Does God's Spirit get

poured on those who are not saved?

Is everyone only the everyones who are reading this text? Could God get that wrong?

Am I getting that wrong? v29 also has God's Spirit poured on slaves. Weren't they the everyones from vs 28.

Or did God and Joel know that some people have lists of who is in and who is out. Who has value and who

only serves as needed. v 30 blood and fire and clouds of smoke remind me of the Exodus where fire and smoke kept

the Egyptians away from the Israelites.

What does this text say to you?


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