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I want to ponder the relationship between Christ and Jonah.

Both were sent to rough situations. Jonah to Gentiles who according to him

didn't deserve redemption. Jesus to humanity who had by the time of Christ's

becoming flesh had messed several things up - just as we are able to do today.

Jonah refused and went in the opposite direction which didn't go well for him.

Jesus went where we suppose he was directed to be. Afterall it was a 'perfect'

colliding of possibilities: strong common language, peaceful times, minimal

armed conflict, an established sense of Jewish worship that would struggle with

the kind of messiah Jesus was. A reason for him to be a threat to the community

and ultimately die.

Jonah gets thrown overboard and is swallowed (alive) by a great fish. Entombed

or enwombed by that situation. Jesus is crucified and entombed in a new grave (dead.)

Time passes. Time passing is never easy for any involved. Waiting is barbaric.

Jonah repents and wants to live. Jesus is resurrected and walks out of his tomb.

From the outside some might see these as very similar. No one guessed that Jonah

would survive the fish. No one, even the disciples who heard that Jesus would rise,

expected Jesus to rise.

God bless you as you think through these.


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