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Luke 1: 1-4

Luke brings both humility and integrity to the opening of his account.

Others, he says many, certainly if one looks at both the gospels of Mark and Matthew we know

two. But today it is possible to find accounts of other gospels - Mary, Thomas, etc.

But he is putting this together to make sense of his experience of Jesus Christ. Luke is known

to be a doctor of some measure. He is observant, careful in his study and cautious about his


What would you say about your knowledge of Jesus? Who do you credit for your

information? Why do you rely on those sources?

vs two the other gospel writers took what were stories that had been told and passed on

to make sense of the 'things that had been fulfilled in their midst' Before we race to disparage

these sources we must account for a faith that has endured for 2000 years borne out of an even

older tradition. How do you account for the duration of Christianity just in your lifetime.

One of the assessment questions in the COVID unit is has the contracting of covid distanced the patient

from their faith? Have you been distanced from your faith for any reason?

Luke proceeds to tell us his method vs three.

Then He gives his reason: he wants us to have confidence. These are times of uncertainty on so

many fronts. Do you have confidence in the faith you have?


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