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Luke 2: 36-52

It is most interesting to think about a woman living 24/7 in the temple. I have an image from the work I did in Haiti of an older frail woman who cleaned the dirt floor of a very basic church and four hole outhouse. But Anna is in prayer and fasting all that time.

To have her reference only confirms the words of Simeon. Her worship broke out into praise that God had finally sent the anointed one. What an experience for Mary and Joseph.

We then get an inkling of the time spent in community of Jesus' family. They came regularly

to the feasts in Jerusalem this discloses the level of their religious practice. But surely this twelve year old, the age of bar-mitzvah, was out of their awareness for four days. Were they busy with younger children? Did the circle that Joseph and Mary were part of seem so safe that a twelve year old could be anywhere and ok?

It is Mary who speaks to Jesus when they find him. It is yet again a phrase in her limited script that we hear from her lips. What does all of this mean to us?

Jesus continues to unfold into one who is growing in body and soul and in favor with God and humanity.

Do we do that each day?

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