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Luke 21

Such a simple story, or non-story. Who cares, one might ask of this story. in the splendor of the temple grounds, jostling people making their way to the offering. What we are talking about offering - its not stewardship time. Fine robes, elaborate turbans, who knows what good Jews wore in Jesus' day? Perhaps there were the precursors of prayer shawls displaying a readiness to invoke Adonai.

In the midst of all this parade there is a poor widow. I can't help wondering if there was some social distancing around her so one didn't smell the poverty of limited baths. I expect there was no hesitation as she dropped her coins into the box, no need to count that the number was right, the math of tithing ten per cent of he income and assets

. In fact maybe that is what touched Jesus' soul. Her joy as she dropped in her all, Yes her all into the collection.

Clearly a sign of her love for God, but not just love, her ultimate and perhaps tested trust in God. She didn't live for money and planning her next whatever. She lived with God and the creator of the universe had her all taken care of. Most of all she knew it and could boldly throw her all back to God


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