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Luke 4

Luke 4 takes us through an interesting time in Christ's life. The temptations.

The account begins with two references to the Holy Spirit. Jesus is full of the Holy Spirit and that same Spirit led him into the desert. We are told that Jesus was tempted by Satan for forty days.

Of course the difficulty is that we don't have a video of the account. We can't hear what happened. Maybe no one could like us did the temptations happen within Jesus' head and inner ear? What Luke tells us we can only assume we hear because Jesus told someone. Three exchanges take place with conversation.

First Satan challenges Jesus identity. I am not sure I have ever wondered whether Jesus questioned who he was. Certainly as he got close to his death he questioned what needed to happen. But I can't think of a place where Jesus, like us, wondered who he was. There is a classic story of the young adult leaving home on a Saturday night for a date and the parent saying, 'remember who you are.'

I am not sure that would help me even today. which hat would have the most impact: pastor, husband, dad, brother, son etc But I am growing to understand that the real issue is 'whose' I am. I belong, as do you, to God. It is not my sin that is important but rather God's ready forgiveness.

Satan focuses on human details: food (Maslov's hierarchy of needs - personal needs) Christ knows having a full stomach does not make a full heart.

The second experience really stirs my curiosity. I am one who can get sick in the theatre in the round or movies in the round where it is moving all around you. So how did Jesus and Satan see it all. I may never know. Satan, the prince of the power of the world - or at least he thinks so, was offering all of that just for worship. Jesus had no question of who he would worship. God and God alone. Again we don't know how Jesus did that or does that but we know that that is the most important part of worship, that it be to God only.

The third experience is to jump to see if the angels Psalm 91 really would catch him. Again if you know who you are talking about you don't need a test to find the answer. You know the answer.

These three answers of Christ are rich fodder for our faith.

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