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Matthew 5: 17

Big and small, tiny letters great, persons.

What kind of things keep you awake at night?

Those who were waiting for the Messiah had a whole set of criterion to

determine who it was when the event actually occurred. Jesus

was not doing so well with 'their' details.

Rules and laws written in human language may have

a difficulty crossing from humanity to divine. Litigation seems to excel

in human measuring but what pleases God?

Jesus, who is able to read the Holy Scriptures, is aware that Hebrew text

had tiny strokes of the pen to clarify the vowels used in the consonant clusters of

Hebrew words. A change in those vowels can change the tense or the meaning of

the word.

Jesus would not ignore any of them. His life fulfilled the whole law.

If you ignored any Jesus calls you least or lowest in the kingdom

any one who does all and teaches others the same is great.

Then to the group that practiced what they preached the most - the Pharisees

got a bad reference from Christ. Unless your good deeds (righteousness) exceed the

Pharisees you will never enter the kingdom of God.

I wonder how you hear that? I wonder how the Pharisees heard that? I wonder how I measure up?

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