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Philippians 1

Servants of Christ Jesus - what does that mean to us today? IS the word servant better than slave or are they the same?

Do I think of my self as a servant of God? I surely don't follow orders as well as I could.

Do I or could I begin the day seeking all the directions for the day?

Or is Paul really simply identifying who is in charge?

It is also interesting that Paul's letter is first sent to the members, the regular people in the church and then

to the bishops/ elders and deacons. Paul isn't top down with his thinking here.

Verse two is great hope for all of us: grace and peace. Particularly in this pandemic but in the Roman era, especially when

Christians were the enemy of Rome and used for lanterns to keep Nero's parties outside lit with dying burning Christians

-think of the smell at that party and how much alcohol would need to be consumed to not be sick.

Grace and peace speak into our stress, our uncertainty, our emergencies and natural disasters.

Vs 3-4 Is this not only what Paul does but also a directive for his prayer and ours.

Do we start each prayer with

thanks. I got a text last night from a college buddy to pray. I did but I didn't begin with thanks. This morning with the update I do feel more grateful.

Should my pulpit prayers be more thanks and joy based? How are your prayers - all joy and thanks or ___?

vs 5 being part of a team is a powerful thing. I never experienced it with sport because I never brought skill to the game.

I do experience it in a hospital setting where the medical staff include me in the patient care because of the gifts I bring.

When we come to church do we see the people we are partnering with in the ministry of the gospel?

vs 6 finally the power of knowing that God has started something in us and will continue to work it out. Alleluia


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