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Pondering Leads

You know Lord, I am trying to figure out is the opening line a statement about David or You? Is the fact of your being a shepherd your decision or my acceptance? Are you a shepherd to me whether I acknowledge or not? Because if you are the shepherd whatever that changes everything. That means that in every situation you are aware, you offer protection for our souls and all that we are.

That makes me wonder about 'nothing.' Could that mean that in every situation I have what I need. There is nothing missing. Could my soul be a bit of a hoarder's den with so much accumulated clutter that I can't find the equipment and provision you have made so that I indeed need 'nothing'.

I am pondering 'leads". I take our dog for walks. Usually I am the leader but he does

continue to try and convince me that he knows better. The difference being that my dog doesn't talk human so I really don't know if his feet, ankle, hip is killing him. But You, O God, you know about my feet, ankles and hips so your leading never is out of sinc with my real needs.

These are just some things I have been thinking, God.

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