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Psalm 103

Praise, how much is praise part of your day?

Bless Yahweh, adonai, cry out praise to the God of our salvation

from the depths of our being. We certainly are more aware of the dimensions of our being.

can we from those same depths of our souls praise and bless God, the Almighty.

Many today almost immediately say well if God is so almighty why covid, why 400,000 deaths

we experience the depths of our being more profoundly in the last several months but

do we praise God.

The Psalmist in his appeal cries out 'never forget God's kindness.

How has God been kind to you? How does God's kindness spread from you.

forgiving, curing, redeeming and crowning you with God's love.

Especially in these difficult days we need to let Psalm 103 guide our prayers,

remind us of what to pray and bless God about

and look deep into our souls not simply for the problems but for the source

of God's help.

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