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Psalm 40

...waiting patiently

...what is that all about?

If you are looking out a window and expecting someone to arrive if they have done it before you expect them to do it again. If however you have never waited in the experience you currently find yourself in waiting is quite different.

Positive thinking can seek to orient your mind but is it enough to build your confidence?

Waiting for God is, for those who believe, quite different. God bringing something new out of the scary, difficult, unusual situation you are in, is the stuff the Psalmist is talking about.

When you finally discover how deep the hole, how firm the ground now and the light that had gone out down deep in the despair it is no wonder that you are singing and others are interested in what happened, interested if they too can believe.

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:9tlt3...waiting patiently


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