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Psalm 61

It continues to amaze me how scripture sounds different in different situations.

God hear my cry, listen to my prayer. In this time of pandemic those words echo my hunger.

Why can't we be over this, why can't God do something - the something that I would like God to do not that which I can't see that God is in fact doing as I do all my pray/crying.

vs2 Just get me to something higher and different than I am currently in. Let the news sound new. I am so far away from anything that was normal. And I am ready to give up.

vs 3 God is a refuge a strong tower from the enemy. You can see that I am suggesting this virus is the enemy. How often we want another solution to the problem of breathing with a mask on. Hearing what someone is saying through a mask.

vs 4 Let me stay in my tent forever - ok I have been in quarantine long enough. Get me out of this tent and every other tent. Let me be in the open air. Shelter me in your wings.

Pray these words of this Psalm and see how they speak to you today. Stu

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