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PSALM 63 - In the desert

David is in the Judean desert...

When I first moved to New Mexico,actually during

the interview, my new friends said you will never leave the desert.

They were partly right, the sense of space, the sunrises and sets, and so much more have never left my soul.

Initially it all looked one color - brown. Only little by little did I discover the shades of brown, gray and green that came and went through the year. I will never

forget the time that after a huge rain storm the Florida mountains burst into blossom.

Psalm 63 in a first read seems to cover so much with not plot or direction.

Actually one can imagine David fleeing and being so hungry and thirsty and having that be

a proper metaphor for how his soul felt. IT is often the rough times in our lives that we realize the most how much we need God.

Having been hungry for God vv 1-4, David is filled and describes that vv5-8. Both parts talk about David's desire to be close

to know God's nearness. In both sections David speaks about his mouth and his soul and body. He is also aware that his whole being connects to this God.

He is stabilizing by the time we get to verse 9 and he is now ready to talk about why he is there - enemies. Retribution for the enemies. Vengeance.

v 11 clarifies that his job is not to get them back even if he has thought of it and spoken it. His job and our job is praise to God.

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