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Psalm 9

How do you practice your praise? By that I don't mean, rehearse. I mean, like the Buddhists

practice, ritual. What are your routines for praising God?

I would not even guess how many homes say a prayer, repeated or free style to thank

God for food.

In our house the hungriest usually says a repeated prayer to get the eating going.

SO I find these words, 'I will thank you God with all my heart' particularly challenging.

they are not new. the greatest commandment is love the Lord your God with all

all your heart

all your mind,

all your soul

all your strength

I must confess I am more of a nothing than an all person. I don't have a routine for every day so my all or nothing ends up lacking.

Celebrating in covid is not easy nor pleasant.

vs 7 the Lord rules - something to thank God about

vs11 sing praises to God

vs 13 have mercy - absolutely something to celebrate

let's praise...

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