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Psalm 96

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This Psalm starts out pretty easy. Sing a new song.

But this song/prayer then moves in interesting places through the text.

How does one declare God's glory throughout the world. I was reading an article about Armenia. A people that considers themselves at least

1700 years old. But nation after nation has attacked overwhelmed them and taken away

their freedom many times over the centuries. Yet at the same time their

ruler declared Christianity the national faith first of all the nations even before

Constantine in the Roman world.

Does declaring God's glory allow for oppressing peoples. Idolatry for sure

is worth fighting vs 5 but this is not a violent psalm.

This is a prayer that calls its readers/prayers to Give God glory, bow down before

the Lord.

All nature sings and praises and fairness is the hall mark of God's work.

I wonder if I declare God's glory far enough?What does it mean to sing a new song? What's wrong with the old songs?

God is at work in each day of our lives. God's gifts call us to fresh praise for

what God is doing right now as well as what God has done in the past.

We celebrate the festivals, the high points of Jewish and Christian faith

to remember what God did in the past and to believe that God will act the same way

in new situation in our present and future.

As we step out in faith in each situation we are indeed declaring God's

glory to the nations.

Sing on.

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