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Tax Season

Did you know there are at least two tax stories in the gospels?

Give to Caesar the things that are his and to God the things that are God's

Luke 20:20ff

Matthew has another account of taxes 17:24ff

The first account is about Roman taxes, Caesar the second account is about temple

taxes. on google when one searches for temple tax, that set comes up and three others: bible verse, coin, old testament. The tax was for upkeep, the fabric of the building.

Apparently the Jews bought in to the idea of tax rather than generosity.

the collectors went to Peter and asked if Jesus was going to pay.

Jesus brings the topic up with Peter (implying his knowledge of all that goes on)

Who pays for earthly kings: royals or non royals (children or strangers)?

Peter answers strangers.

Jesus says then we don't have to pay.

But he does pay with a coin - shekel found in the mouth of a fish

Who are strangers: Jesus, disciples, us

Who are children: us, nonbelievers, all people

Who paid for the other disciples?

Is the kingdom of God different from the kingdom of humanity?

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