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What is your favorite chapter of the Bible?

What is your favorite chapter of the Bible? perhaps an odd question.

I personally would not be able to answer it. It is like do you like lasagna, chocolate cake or ice cream....and those aren't even my favorites.

Last night we started I Corinthians. There's a book with key chapters on love, resurrection, Lord's supper. But sometimes the passages that are not our favorite speak to us deeply too.

I find that the passages that I learned as a child I can still repeat when i have clearly left

childhood behind or at least should. ;)

That is why it is so important to me to have time with the children in these theme days or vacation bible events.

I learn so much from them and look forward to our next time. I am also amazed at how creative their hands

are with whatever material they have to work with.

So today, stop for a second or two and think about your favorite text, ask why and also ask

if that text is impacting how you live today.

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