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168 Payne Avenue

North Tonawanda, NY 14120


Located in beautiful North Tonawanda, North Presbyterian Church offers congregants a place of comfort, hope, and a peace of mind for all their worshiping needs.
North Church was organized on April 30, 1891 as part of the Niagara Presbytery.
On May 17, 1898 ground was broken for a new church at 168 Payne Avenue.

Mark the Date




3rd Monday of each month in the church parlor at 1:00pm



The Hidden Writer by Alexandra Johnson

The Boys in the Boat  by Daniel James Brown


The Magic of Ordinary Days by Ann Howard Creel



At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

Men’s Annual Retreat at Stella Niagara

February 28-29, 2020
Topic: Questions asked in the Gospels  Rev. Stu Buisch
Registration due by 2/14/20

Women’s Annual Retreat at Stella Niagara

March 13-14, 2020 

Leader: Rev. Laura Norris Buisch   


Deadline to register February 28, 2020

           Come and worship...



  • Every Sunday at 11:00am

  • Early Service 9:45 am (check calendar for dates)

  • Saturday Service  4:00 pm  on Nov 9

BIBLE STUDY  Wednesdays          7 pm

*  If you are attending for the first time, please contact the church office before noon on Wednesday for any updates or location changes.   716-693-7030



 9:45 am


Choir 9:30 am

Bell Choir 9:00 am


 February 3rd & 25th 


 February 26TH AT 5:30PM

Signup by February 16th

 Dessert Donations can be dropped off prior to or on February 26th between 10-11am

Stu’s Side….
 Ground Hogs day.  If the animal is afraid, we get more winter if not its spring.
How is it we come to know God’s will? If sheer fear was a principle then Jesus might have fled and the crucifixion may not have unfolded. If Jews could have imagined the Holocaust as possible all of them might have fled before they were carted off to the gas showers and death. If all parents knew before conception what the story of their child might be perhaps the birth rate would be even lower.  Fear is a factor but for people of faith it is not the factor.  It is no surprise as well that even the word fear is used in different ways in scripture, terror and awe.
So how is that we come to know God’s will?  A parishioner just told me that when you see the word ‘so’ in a document look for more words, not necessarily more clarity.  If we believe that our very being has some connection to God’s work, then God’s will is disclosed within us to some extent. What are the things that give us join, ignite our passion and peak our interests? They can be some disclosure of how God works in you and through you.   
Early in the first church I worked in as a pastor I realized that sermons were based on my experience. I stopped and wondered how to fix that.  Coming up with no significant answers I became aware that speaking out of my life connected with the lives of those in the pews.  This continues to call me to trust God because some experiences do connect and others do not. We do not all share the same gifts, the same points of view and the same years of growth and nurture.
This year there is some extra time before Ash Wednesday (the end of February). No matter our age or stage of life, it is always a healthy question to ponder, ‘What is God calling me to right now?’  Your whole life is not centered in the building or programs of the church. But your faith in Christ could be informing you how you spend your disposable time, income and all the gifts within you that you are aware of or not.
This time of year, annual reports and all, make us look back.  We see the changes in our congregation, our membership, our bodies, our souls.  We have some losses and we have some gains in each of these areas.   
Let’s imagine what God could do now!  Let’s together look.  Not just together in our houses and in our families.  Let’s let that together stretch to the people in the pews.  Someone suggested that we encourage each other to sit closer in worship.  Great idea and like it, let’s get to know not just the names but the persons who worship with us.  Together in that new experience God’s will may get much clearer and the space we worship in will be more cosy.
Peace and grace, Stu


Monday  9am - 3pm

Tuesday  9am - 12pm

Wednesday  9am - 12pm

Thursday  Closed

Friday  9am - 3pm


Contact North Presbyterian Church today.

168 Payne Ave, North Tonawanda, NY 14120, USA


(716) 693-7030

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