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Judas and Peter - Romans

Did I grow up in a simple time when it was easier to be polarized

between good and bad. Taken to church good and bad morph into

heaven and hell. For today's purposes some have morphed into Peter and

Judas. Denier and betrayer.

If we could step back and look into that mirror we might agree with

Paul's personal analysis we are creatures of flesh and blood, sold as

slaves into sin. Clearly understanding our own behavior, owning our

own thoughts and attitudes not simply nodding to the ideas

flying around us.

At the end of chapter seven Paul is grateful that God rescues us from

this life dilemma doing the wrong I don't want and failing to do the good I do


I wonder if Peter and Judas were both rescued. Judas from being mutilated by

the Christian mob. Peter from despair and hopelessness at his failure to stand

next to Jesus.

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