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Luke 6:27-36

Luke 6:27-36

To you who are willing to hear... What does that mean and who are they? What makes us willing to hear?

A friend told me recently of a late night encounter with a boisterous other vehicle on the road. My only ability to hear was that my friend was whole in front of me. I could see the story wouldn't end bad. I speculate that the words love your enemies might be said to those who will listen and defuse a potential bad scene rather than make it worse. Turning the other cheek may keep you alive, fighting back with the wrong equipment could leave you out for the count.

So we are listening, what does it mean 'love' your enemies. People you disagree with, people unlike you, people who live differently, drive different vehicles than you do? Who is your enemy? Can you ponder why they are your enemy? Would making space for your enemy be a form of love?

If Julian of Norwich is right... all will be well, can we indeed return blessings for curses? How pompous am I being saying to people Bless you?

So let's talk a moment about clothes. shirt coats are mentioned in vs 29 have you ever thought about how many of either of these you have and have you thought about how many your need? wear? want to wear?

Perhaps the best part of this text is the reversal Jesus gives to the golden rule. Instead of being negative Jesus asks us to do to others what we want done to us. Tragically I meet a lot of people who do not know what they want done good to themselves. How about you?

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