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Micah 5:2

Bethlehem can be a window into our souls. Micah speaks God's word directly to the community.

you think you are small, of no value, worth or strength.

You have not been noticed among the forces of Judah.

the thoughts we harbor the deepest may not have merit in the eyes of God.

God sees us differently. We see Christ differently. No one whose child

was saved/healed/delivered from demons

said to Jesus, 'wait a minute you were born in

Bethlehem that one stop light town.

one who is to be a ruler in Israel. not the ruler but a ruler - a new kingdom, a new

way. What is Christ's new way for us today?

How can we let go of the stereotypes that have been planted on us and be

free to served God as God call us?

Nothing you think of yourself needs to dictate your faith or service to God

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