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Proverbs 22 -

The book of proverbs has always baffled any sense of order, logic progression or reasoned order for me.

So looking at these three verses invites us to think.

Name is better than riches. On the farm as soon as I could drive I went after parts from this store and that.

I had only to sign my name and they gave me the parts.

At the different churches I have had the pleasure of working in it has been interesting to see how greeting people even generically, that is saying hello not using their name ( because I didn't know it) was received as such a great gift. I had no idea. It only seemed right.

We are certainly at many crossroads right now throughout the globe. One of them is the rich and poor meeting.

When I meet someone will they sense God's blessing flowing out of me?

Prudent see, danger and safety. We don't always get to choose but do we always look and see?

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