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Proverbs 31

What a lead up to Mother's Day.

Each of us has a mother, here or in the life to come.

How do we celebrate her, how do we rejoice in the women

in our world, our circle of friends

I arrived at the clergy retreat and a clergy colleague that I didn't

recognize said to me we were in college together.

I blanked no memory - embarrassingly so.

None of us forgets the one who brought us into the world.

Did Lemuel, vs 1, really know a woman like this one celebrated?

Is this a celebration of womenhood or an anthem to productivity?

The mother of a great theologian allegedly spent time every day with

each of her gaggle of children (I think eleven) every day.

What is certainly true is that the tasks outlined in this chapter all need

to be done by someone.

Who will you celebrate this weekend?


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